PC Help – We’re right there with you.

“ PC Help is designed to assist users worldwide with computer related issues and to provide software training, directly through their computer.

You have come to the right place if you need help with your PC. Please go ahead and start a computer support session. Check our opening hours, make a payment and either call or chat with us or book an appointment to contact us later. ”

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Our mission is to assist users with their computer related needs, queries, training and problems. We provide remote support online directly to your computer along with chat messaging or phone communication. Contact us to find out more. Our team consists of various graduates and professionals, where each has his/her unique expertise, relevant to your needs.

We offer computers related help. 1- Solve computer related issues. 2- Answer computer related queries. 3- Provide software training: a) basic / general computer use. b) social media / internet. c) specific software training. Assistance is provided through remote support by connecting directly to your computer, and communicating by chat messaging or phone. You will need a working internet connection.

And we will get in touch as soon as possible.

Laval, QC, Canada
E-mail: services@citpinc.biz Phone:(514) 999-8402